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A World of Advantage

Teresa A. Nixon, Project Director

Teresa Nixon brings a comprehensive set of leadership and management skills, along with clear insight and vision to Advantage Environmental Services, which she founded in 1994. At Advantage, Ms. Nixon has directed project planning and execution for government agencies and private sector businesses throughout the Southeast; she has managed contracts in excess of one million dollars. Ms. Nixon has assisted and been actively involved in developing and setting up Waste Management and Remediation programs for multinational companies.

Among her roles and responsibilities at Advantage: staff/management performance, evaluation of operations, contract development, project planning, controls, administration, compliance, schedule delay and others. Ms. Nixon has significant experience in the fields of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Management. Her specific project management experience includes: waste management, excavations associated with remedial activities, underground and aboveground tank installation and removal, lab pack chemistry, structural and selective demolition, customer service and sales.

Before founding Advantage, Ms. Nixon has held several positions at hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal firms in Florida and North Carolina, including the National Institute of Environmental Health Services. Ms. Nixon’s education and certification include Bachelors of Science, Lenior Rhyne, NC, and 40 Hour HazWoper Certification for work associated with Hazardous Waste Sites.

John D. Terrell, Operations Manager

John Terrell has twenty years of experience in the fields of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Management. He joined the Advantage Environmental Services, Inc. team as Operations Manager in 2000. Early in his career Mr. Terrell became a certified installer for aboveground and underground tanks, piping and containment systems. During the twelve years prior to his employment with Advantage, Mr. Terrell held several positions as Supervisor and/or Project Manager for demolition and construction crews for tank systems and remediation projects. He managed these projects for the United States Air Force, Corp of Engineers, Department of Transportation, and the Commercial Auto Parts and Commercial Food Industry. Mr. Terrell maintains a 40 Hour HazWoper Certification for work associated with Hazardous Waste Sites.

Sarah Chambers, Compliance/Health and Safety Manager

Sarah Chambers has a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry from Florida Southern College and is a Registered Environmental Manager (REM) with the National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP).  She has worked for phosphate, electronics, electrical equipment and explosives manufacturing facilities. Her previous experience includes environmental consulting across many other industries, including automotive and chemical manufacturing.  She has accumulated over 20 years of managing environmental, health and safety concerns. At Advantage, Ms. Chamber’s responsibilities include handling environmental, health and safety programs. These may involve Hazard Communication, Injury and Illness Prevention, OSHA Recordkeeping, OSHA, EPA, DOT Compliance Training, Job Safety Analysis, Risk Management, Ergonomics Analysis, Hazardous Waste Management, Water/Wastewater/Storm Water Management, Air Pollution Control, Emergency Response and Contingency Planning.

Florence M. Marino, Project Manager

Florence Marino has over 35 years of experience in managing operations and processes in high-technology companies, including: development of diverse start-up units, project management in directing the delivery of products/services to large clients, providing client and operational support for numerous acquisitions, as well as, on-going account management responsibility for client revenue retention. During Ms. Marino’s career she held senior management positions in several large financial institutions and software companies.  Ms. Marino has recently joined the Advantage Environmental Services, Inc. team as Project Manager.  In this position she will directly assist Ms. Teresa Nixon in projects designed to streamline and improve workflow, ensure customer retention and satisfaction and to recognize and maximize new business opportunities.

Karen Nixon, Accounting Manager

Karen Nixon has a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of North Carolina Greensboro, NC and an Associates degree from Alamance Community College, Haw River, NC. Ms. Nixon joined the Advantage Environmental Services, Inc. team as Accounting Manager in 1999. In this position she is responsible for the financial management of account payables, account receivables, and collections and the  preparation of the company’s financial statements. During Ms. Nixon’s 28 year career in the financial industry she has managed the financial aspects of start up businesses, managed customer accounts for a large manufacturing company, completed the education required to be certified in tax preparation and has credentials that certify  her as an industrial accountant.

Julie A. Hipp, Customer Service Manager

Julie Hipp has eleven years of experience in the fields of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Management. Ms. Hipp joined the Advantage Environmental Services, Inc. team as Customer Service Manager in 1995. In this position she is responsible for managing all functions that require removal of drum or bulk waste materials by ensuring the pick-up and disposal of all materials are handled in a timely and proper manner. This includes identifying and scheduling the most cost effective and reliable transporter and disposal facility, profiling new waste streams, working with disposal facilities and labs to analytical waste samples, generating manifests and processing invoices. Ms. Hipp maintains frequent communicates with her clients to ensure customer satisfaction and works closely with field operations in organizing and scheduling activities for on-site projects.