About Us

Advantage Environmental Services, Inc.: A minority, woman-owned business with a corporate goal to provide carefully planned solutions to environmental problems.

Why Advantage?

Advantage provides a full range of remediation, waste management and construction services. We’re consistantly awarded local, state, county and federal government projects, as well as commercial and industrial proposals. Advantage maximizes safety by ensuring all field staff know EPA/DOT regulations and have a minimum of 40-hours certification in OSHA training. And, Advantage remains committed to the development of efficient and innovative ideas, products and services.

Dedicated to Your Needs

Advantage’s team of dependable, highly qualified professionals offer project experience in government, private and commercial sectors. This team’s knowledge base includes over 50 years experience in managing environmental and chemical projects. Their skills and know-how enable Advantage to recognize and build excellent working relationships with top transportation and disposal facilities. Advantage provides access to state-of-the-art technologies, including recycling, fuels blending, waste water treatment, incineration and landfill.

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